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Since the beginnings of 1990s, we’ve been developed digital games, systems, software and hardware for gaming and lottery products. Astro Group has been focused on the design and the production of self-service betting terminal, VLT system, different kinds of electronic lottery, mobile lottery platform (internet & mobile phone), lottery and gaming games, exclusive gaming software and hardware and the development of management system and security operation center. In the meanwhile, Astro Group has the technology to integrate online and offline lottery management system, to create the third party lottery products and the ability to operate a qualified betting hall.

Astro Group is the one and only company with lottery and gaming experience in Asia and the IPO-listed company in Taiwan. We are the only company in Asia which successfully entering to Italy’s video lottery industry. Astro Group is one of eight companies in the world granted Italy’s national certificate of video lottery system, with subsidiaries located in Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Italy, and Dominican Republic. Our products export to more than 30 countries and received numbers of qualification certificates and technical certificates.

Astro Group’s products obtained casino level gaming game approval in 2007. We are the first company in Asia acquired the approval. Therefore, we have the opportunity to establish partnership worldwide and obtain business licenses. We possessed up to 200 kinds of games in our game library.

Due to different regulations and cultures worldwide, Astro Group made an in-depth market research for lottery and gaming game market. With highly customized and diversified products, we provide products for different market to meet customer needs. High quality, high efficiency and great design ability is our motto.

Based on the characteristics, regulations and customer requirements of a single area, Astro Group offers tailor-made services (OEM & ODM) to customers. Such services provide each customer the most suited game (meet the market needs and specifications), the most competitive management system and completed monitor center.


Video Gaming Game

CMS (Casino Management System)

e-Gaming & mobile gaming system & equipment

Traditional Lottery system & equipment

High Frequency Lottery system & equipment

Instant International games video lottery

AWP / Amusement With Prize

Shop Management System

Multi-Station Gaming Game

Multi-Station Match-making Game

Large size touch screen system

Auto Dealer System

Online Game platform and content

VLT system & equipment

VLT game content

Sport betting system & equipment

Lottery management system